Why Sri Lanka?

Post war Sri Lanka is one of the fastest growing economies in South Asia. With exports surpassing US $ 3 billion, apparel is the main contributor of GDP in the country. With attractive tax concessions available, in an investor friendly climate, Sri Lanka is soon becoming the trading & tourist hub of Asia reaping the rewards of the peace dividend.


What does MFP do?

MFP provides shared services to investors who are willing to set up shop within the free trade zone. It is a unique entity offering centralized advantages. MFP is the only investment zone to provide centralized water, power, steam and effluent treatment. It also houses Sri Lanka’s largest training facility, which caters to all training & development needs.


What is the business profile of MFP?

MAS Fabric Park (Pvt) Ltd is Sri Lanka’s first privately owned fabric intensive investment zone. It is a subsidiary company of MAS Holdings, the largest apparel exporter in the country. Located 65km from Colombo, it is an entity which has facilitated the employment of over 1759 people through investment opportunity. With over US $ 70 mil invested via various parties, MFP continues to grow as an environmentally sustainable free trade park.


What are the shared services provided by MFP?

• Power :
   Uninterrupted power to all investor companies via 10 MVA medium voltage underground distribution system

• Water :
   Capacity of 9000 CBM per day in water supply. Purified to WHO standards, water is tested daily, utilizing the in house laboratory>

• Biological and chemical effluent treatment is provided to all invested companies with capacity of 4000 CBM per day

• Accommodation provided via Fully furnished luxury chalets

• Supply Chain Management and warehousing facilities

• Food & Beverage services with industrial catering

• Common Services such as security, waste removal and firefighting is provided

What’s the current Investor occupation level?

MFP currently houses 8 entities who have invested to operate in the zone. The level of occupation is at 55%. There is a variety of land and buildings available for further investment.


What development does MFP bring to the locality?

Based on MFP’s policy on Social Sustainability, it provides an array of development portals to the local community. Some examples are mentioned below:

• Soft skill development via the MAS Institute of Management and Technology

• Teaching Sustainable Development to 3 chosen high schools within the area, under the UN recognized ‘Eco Go Beyond Programme’. This is carried out annually throughout    the year

• Providing building and roofing materials to temples and differently fortunate households

• Lending MFP machinery and heavy duty vehicles for village development and excavation projects

• Conservation of village bio diversity and ensuring its protection through construction initiatives

• Sanitation, vaccination and sterilization of community and stray animals

What is the belief system of MFP?

The belief system of MFP is embedded in Sustainability, Human Security and Human Development. Preserving the environment, its people and working to ensure a secure future generation.