Investment Outlook : Economy

Sri Lanka's economy stood at an estimated US $ 41.32 billion in 2009 with a model growth of 3.5% as the country's 30 year old war came to an end in May of 2009.


Sri Lanka's three sector compositions in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are as follows:

Agriculture : 12.8% of GDP

Agriculture : 12.8% of GDP

Industry : 29.2% of GDP

Services : 58% of GDP


The county's major export destinations are the US, UK and India with garments, tea, rubber and spices topping the list. The total exports stood at US $ 7 billion as at 2009.


Called the 'Hong Kong of India' Sri Lanka is listed as a middle income earning country by the IMF, with a per capita GDP of US$ 2014.


Up to 100% foreign participation allowed on investment.