Textile and Apparel Industry

The Sri Lankan textile and apparel industry is a pivotal driver in employment, utilizing 15% of work labour available. 85% of this workforce are women.


It contributes 39% to industrial production while representing 43% of total export value over the late 2000's.


Over the past two decades since its arrival into mainstream export production the country has strategically developed a skill base in research, design and innovation accounting for top quality manufacturers.


Sri Lanka's major producers service some of the biggest apparel brands in the world such as Nike, Victoria's Secret, Ann Taylor and Marks and Spencer.


The United States is the main importer of textile goods from Sri Lanka, accounting for 76% in total. Sri Lanka is ranked 12th among the top apparel exporters to the United States in terms of value.


The sector also maintains high ethical standards and remains continuously commended for its clean bill on compliance and decent labour practices against its counterpart manufacturing destinations.